Super Bowl Rental Rates Are Astronomical

We saw this coming a few months ago, however now it’s finally here. In just over a week, the Super Bowl will be taking place at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. Thousands of visitors will be flying in from all over the country and to say the least, the tri-state area is going to be busy. 

Businesses are expect to see an increase next weekend with the influx of visitors. Hotels will also see their rooms as filling up as thousands of people will need a place to stay. Hotels aren’t the only ones who will be giving visitors a place to stay though. Some homeowners are seizing the opportunity and renting out their homes to visitors Super Bowl Weekend to make some extra cash. A lot of extra cash. In an article by the Paramus Patch, it was reported that some home owners are charging more than $2,000 to rent their homes for ONE NIGHT. They know people will need a place to stay and if they don’t have any other options, they’ll have no choice. 

It’s a unique and interesting dynamic – the relationship between a sporting event as big as the Super Bowl and its impact on business and real estate. Hosting the Super Bowl is a big deal. Cities don’t get the opportunity to do that too often and what’s interesting with this year is that there’s no dome stadium. Normally the Super Bowl is played indoors in a dome where the weather cannot be a factor. It boils down to game play and officiating, no other factors. 

This year is different though. The players are going to feel the cold with some temperatures in Bergen County hitting the negatives this week and some snow is even expected a few days before the Super Bowl. Whether it will actually snow or not remains to be seen, however the players will be playing in different conditions than normal. On another note, I’d be curious to see how many homeowners offering their home for rent actually find tenants for the weekend. 



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