Digital Marketing vs. Print Marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Print Marketing

As we all know, we live in the social media era and forms of marketing are transforming by the second. New methods are constantly evolving and the digitla space is giving us bigger exposure and visbility. The advent of digital marketing raises an interesting question though. Can digital marketing ever be bad? Should it completely replace print marketing? The answer is yes and no, respectively. 

Digital marketing, as widespread, easy to connect, and beautiful as it is, can sometimes be negative if not careful. The digital space has power in that once something is posted, it’s there forever. You can’t take it back. Sure, you can delete it. But that doesn’t guarantee someone didn’t see it, or copy it for that matter. As a result, you need to be careful what you post. Small, simple things may have a big impact if done incorrectly. 

In addition, you need to know your audience when using digital marketing. It’s not for everyone. Not everyone is familiar or techn savvy. They may not feel comfortable around ipads and MacBooks, scrolling and reading with their fingertip instead of turning pages. 

Regarding print marketing, that should never go out of style. While some digital marketing may be more edgier or more innovative, there is always a need for print marketing. You can’t replace paper – holding something and the ability to feel and touch it. The ability to look at a flyer, and hold it in your hand. Or scroll through a presentation or booklet. While we can’t slow the digital trend, we still hold the ability to pick and choose. A presentation on an iPad is right for some individuals and not right for others. Other prefer packets they can print and read instead of as an e-mail. Now, that’s not to say digital strategies cannot supplement print strategies. In conclusion, there’s becoming more and more ways to market properties. It’s just about finding the right ones for your audience. 



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