“Which Stunning Stairway is Your Favorite?”

Which Stunning Stairway is Your Favorite?

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Published: April 1, 2013

March was Stunning Stairway month at HouseLogic, and we shared some amazing ways to perk up tired stairs. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite!


During March, we brought you four clever stairway renovations that did amazing things with treads, risers, and banisters. Which is your fave? Vote and let us know!

To refresh your memory, here’s a recap. And after you vote, please share a picture of your own cool stairway redo in our comments section, below.

A Runner Shapes Up a Tired Staircase: Rhoda of Southern Hospitality covered four staircases in her split-level home with gorgeous, diamond-pattern runners.

Stair runner

Bead Board Risers Sweeten This Stairway: Robyn and Steve brought bead board to the next level by using it on stair risers, which gave their stairway instant charm.

Bead board risers

How a Clever Mom Turned a Stairway into Storage: Saving 4 Six blogger Carrie created extra storage with drawers hidden in her stairway steps.

Stair storage

Brown Paper Make Treads Look Rich: This blogger used plain brown paper to maker her stairway look rich and elegant for less than $100.

Paper bag stairs


Visit HouseLogic.com for more articles like this. Reprinted from HouseLogic.com with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

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