How May I Assist You this Year?

How May I Assist You This Year?


Dear Clients and Friends,


First and foremost I want to wish all of you a very happy new year. I hope the new year is treating you well and that you all enjoy a pleasant 2013.


I am often asked “How is the Real Estate Market?”, however before providing relevant statistics that apply to any

particular local market, I first make it a practice to point out that we are in what’s called a very “Opportunistic Market.”


 Depending upon personal needs and circumstances, there exists a plethora and in some cases, unprecedented opportunities for buyers, sellers and investors. Moreover, there are many other real estate related activities that relate to individuals who are not presently looking to buy or sell real estate. I can offer assistance in these areas. Accordingly, I am sending you my annual “What Can I Do for You This Year Checklist.”


Please carefully review the following list of services and return to me via e-mail, postage mail, or a telephone call as to how I may best serve your real estate related needs. 


Information Regarding


  1. 1.         How to appeal my property taxes       
  2. 2.         How to increase the value of my home
  3. 3.         Previous year market results for my    neighborhood
  4. 4.         Properties for sale
  5. 5.         If you have to sell your home before you buy your next
  6. 6.         Investment properties
  7. 7.         Making your property more energy/ecologically efficient
  8. 8.         Information on local schools
  9. 9.         Information on local transportation
  10. 10.     Mortgage (Refinancing)  information 
  11. 11.     New Construction/Condos/Co-Ops
  12. 12.     How to have your home marketed at the highest level
  13. 13.     A referral to an out of town REALTOR® 
  14. 14.     How to qualify tenants
  15. 15.     A career in real estate


Thank you for you kind attention.

I look forward to continuing to serve your real estate needs at the highest level. 

  Most respectfully,



Broker Associate

90 County Road, Tenafly NJ 07670

Office:201-568-5668 Ext.134




P.S. It would be my privilege to also skillfully serve the real estate needs of your family and friends.



Please feel free to forward this information to all those you deem appropriate.


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