End of the Year Home Buying

Many buyers become frantic at the end of the year because of the limited (or so they think) selection of houses to choose from. In many cases, they do something a buyer should never do: SETTLE. A buyer should never settle for their home. Every buyer should be able to find their dream home and be able to negotiate to get what they want. Despite this, many buyers feel like they have to settle. 

 What many buyers don’t realize is that a limited market can sometimes work to their advantage. Sellers may be more willing to compromise and negotiate with the buyer to what they have in mind. In addition, while the market can sometimes get dry, it’s not completely flat. There are still houses out there and options to choose from. The buyer should know all of his options and consult with the appropriate agent who can help negotiate the house of their dreams, end of the year or not.

 End of the year home buying does not mean buyers need to settle, it just means they need to work with their agent a little harder to find their desired home! 



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