Fair Lawn, NJ Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

Fair Lawn, NJ Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Fair Lawn is putting its best foot forward to recover in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Cleanup crews are driving around town and removing fallen trees and debris from roads and properties. More and more houses are gaining power and there is a rumour that all of Fair Lawn might have power by midnight tonight. Hopefully this stands true. Businesses are being extremely generous in lending their establishments as “charging stations”, lending their outlets and Wi-Fi to those who need it. Panera Bread on Fair Lawn Avenue is a Wi-Fi location. In addition, the Fair Lawn Rec Center and Fair Lawn High School have become “charging stations” as well.

An increased number of businesses are gaining power and more and more food establishments are reopening. While most of the town lost power and suffered its share of down trees and power lines, Fair Lawn was relatively lucky in the grand scheme of things. Despite a loss of power and shortage of gas in the area, the citizens are Fair Lawn are showing their resilence and coming together to not only help themselves, but help the community in general.

While the rebuilding process will not be completed overnight, Fair Lawn is showing its persistence and is well on its way to recovery. The resilence and generosity that people are showing make me proud to live in this town.


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