Hurricane Sandy Safety Tips

Taken from

“Safety tips to be followed after the storm passes:                                                                                       

  • Do not use portable generators indoors even if all doors and windows are kept open.
  • Never use charcoal grills or stoves indoors. These generators can significantly increase levels of carbon monoxide in the house.
  • Install CO alarms at home.
  • Always keep distance from downed wires; they can still be live with deadly voltage. Never use any electrical appliance when you are standing in water. All wires and electrical outlets that have been under water must be replaced or should be used only after being inspected by qualified electrician.
  • Natural gas or propane valves that have been under water should be replaced. If you suspect that gas is leaking from the valves, then get out of the house and leave the doors open. Call 9-1-1 and don’t light a match as fire of any size can spark an explosion.
  • Try to use only flashlights instead of candles. If you must, then never leave them unattended and never light one near objects that easily catch fire.”


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